Kookles voor iedereen!

About the chef

Our chef´s name is Karsten Kinast (1984). He is passionated hobbycook, husband and since 2014 father of a beautiful son.

“As a little boy, I already loved to help my mother in the kitchen with the dinner preparations. My true passion for cooking started during a cooking class I got for my 18 th birthday. The endless possibilities to combine ingredients to create new flavours fascinated me back then and still fascinates me today.


For my study for biology and biology teacher I moved to Nijmegen. Here I started working as a tutor for children of all ages. The experience of working as a teacher gave me a good insight in the thoughts of children. Combined with the time I spent with my son my experience with children will help me in my new adventure at Kookavontuur Nijmegen.