Kookles voor iedereen!

Cooking classes and - workshops

At Kookavontuur Nijmegen we offer cooking classes for children between the age of 5 and 15 years. Here the young cooks cook and learn together with our chef Karsten. Homemade pasta, hamburger and fries, soup or sushi are just some of the option we offer. Of course, we are open for your suggestions as well.

The difficulty of dishes and techniques is adjusted to the age of the little cooks so that everyone can be proud of their own achievements in the kitchen. At the end of the class or workshop the dishes can be taken home to present to the family.

Our workshops take about 1½ hours and orientate around a central theme such as Italian cuisine, Sushi of baking.

Cooking classes are given once a week over a five week period.


You can find our next cooking workshops and cooking classes in the agenda or sign in right here